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Misery Poems logo by Protodramon
Misery Poems logo
I was asked to make a logo for a new site my buddy made so, here it is!
NO. I'm not XD

I just had to adjust to school starting and getting into the swing of things again. I'm gonna start drawing more and uploading again. SOrry fordissappearing for a while
  • Mood: Euphoric
Protodramon 2014 by Protodramon
Protodramon 2014
I decided to give Protodramon a newer look

And also, sorry for dissappearing for a while! I am getting back into the groove after school has gotten started
Digital War: Osman and Carabamon by Protodramon
Digital War: Osman and Carabamon

I'll most likely upload a better version of this in the future. But for now, I like it.

Please tell me if you think there should be any changes to design or conept, please!


Name - Osman D'Lore

Age - 17 (Aug. 12)

Gender - Male

Digivice - Pendulum X V4

Digital Shard - Light

Height - 5' 8''

Nationality - Egyptian


Osman was originally born in Cairo. He had a little brother named Dilan. His parents ended up moving to the Tokyo area when his father was offered a job in computer programming. At the time, Osman knew nothing about digimon. He just thought he had a cool, giant pet beetle. It wasn't until his arrival to the Digital world that Osman learned of Chikchikmon's status of a Digimon

Osman is a generally happy person. He has is helpful and likes to play video games or card games. He gets upset when he's unable to help. He tends to brood over trivial thongs sometimes but always means well.

Extras:-Is not very religious. He has the earrings cuz he finds them cool.
-keeps his hair tucked inside his hat.
- Does not easily get hot. He can wear his hoodie and hat in 70 degree weather 


Baby - ???

In Training - Chikchikmon

    Attacks - Bubble Blow: Blows a couple bubbles that pop on impact
                 - Sticky String: Sprays sticky spider webbing to tangle the target

Rookie - Carabamon

    Attacks - Lacerating Sandpaper: Whips up a small sandstorm that tears away at the enemy
                 - Cling and Fling: Grips the target in his strong mandibles and throws them or suplexes them

Champion - Mumiyamon

    Attacks - Cross Road Killing: Sneaks up on the target and charges through tem while slicing them to bits
                 - Cursed Bandit: Wraps the target in bandages and hypnotizes them into switching sides

Ultimate - Ankhmon

    Attacks - Gateway to Life: Charges up a small fireball in the hole of his chest and shoots it out. The fireball grows larger as it travels, making it difficult to avoid for extended periods of time. However, it lowers in strength as it expands. This attack has homing properties
                 - Divine Hand: Radiates light from his body

Mega - Atenmon
    Attacks - Thousand Fist Strike: Unleashes many punches to the point of no one being able to keep up with them. The punches are individually weak so it's ahrd to get through heavy defenses
                 - Ra's Disk: Creates a light-aspected disk and uses it as a boomerang
                 - Solar Ray of the Heavens: Generates a giant fireball at the bottom of it's body (as thought it is standing on it) and crashes it upon the enemy

Carabamon originally came to the real world as a digiegg and hatched as an unknown baby digimon. He eventually grew to Chikchikmon and was found in an alley by Osman one day. They quickly became friends and are always together. He first digivolved to Carabamon when he and Osman first visited the Digital world.

Carabamon is a bit quiet to match Osman. However, he is a but more outgoing. He is almost always found at Osman's side. Carabamon tends to correct people of they get a fact wrong.

Although. Carabamon xorects people sometimes, he and Osman operate with the crest of light, like Matt and Gabumon do.



Protodramon's Profile Picture
Mr. Chibi-Churo :3
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Thanks to :iconzephyrlightningheart: for the drawing

I usually seem calm but I do have my crazy side

Ah, who am I kidding? I'm nothing BUT crazy!! :nuu:

Actually, I'm very kind. I like to help others with theor problems so just note me if you need to talk about something.

I like Digimon, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail and many other anime series. I am currently working on my Digimon-Skyline and Digimon World stories. I upload Digimon-Skyline more often tha Digimon World.

Oh yeah, I tend to compare myself to others and have ery low self-esteem so please don't come on here and be bragging too much about how great your artwork is or something. It'll only put me down.

Style: Traditional and some Digital
Supports: Homosexuality,Bisexuality,Heterosexuality,Pansexuality,Transexuality,Intersexuality,
Pro-Life,Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Art,Spiritual/Emotional/Mental Attraction,Asexuality,Mental Disorder Equalism(not sure if thats even a word xD),The Ability to being unable to spell,Fanfiction,Artists,Writers,Poets
Race: none -shot-
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green/Gray
Ethnicy: (I have no clue)
Job(s) : -none-
Relegion: -none-
Level: OVER 9000!

My Devious Family

Big Sisters
:iconsweetheartedsadist: :iconnightmareonmystreet:

Big Brothers
:iconx-tgr-x: :iconflawedpotential:


Insane Asylum Crazed Brother

:iconkeelykinnz: :iconnerd-mode-activate::iconkikitwou: :iconprincesshayley:


Younger Sisters
:iconanimedragon10: :iconorigamisushipanda: :iconsuperfanloveraxl:

My Bunny Friend

My Pet Flareon
I'm a phasmophobe by Galialay

If you happen to play Pokemon, tell me your friend code and I'll note you mine!…


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NO. I'm not XD

I just had to adjust to school starting and getting into the swing of things again. I'm gonna start drawing more and uploading again. SOrry fordissappearing for a while
  • Mood: Euphoric

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